Cost Management

Smartfleet believes we can help you reduce your overall fleet expenditure and better utilise your valuable human resources. We employ several key methods to do this:

1. Comprehensive reporting
Whether you’re viewing an individual report or using our unique high-level fleet dashboards, you will quickly see areas where cost improvement can be made. Fuel consumption reports, exception reports and vehicle expense reports are chief amongst those that will help you realise higher cost efficiency.

2. Whole of life cost calculations
Smartfleet’s unique ‘Whole of Life’ cost model can be used for each vehicle in your fleet. Our calculation provides an overall view of dollars-per-month and cents-per-kilometre, taking into account:

• vehicle price, including basic options, stamp duty and registration
• ongoing registration costs
• fuel usage
• servicing and maintenance
• cost of capital
• estimated resale value at end of vehicle ownership

Using this method, we can accurately project which vehicles are the most efficient in your fleet.

3. FBT optimisation
The FBT module can be utilised to compare the Operating Cost method and the Statutory Formula for every vehicle in your fleet. You can then apply the most favourable method to ensure you’re paying the least amount of FBT possible.

We provide FBT reporting that not only highlights where FBT can be saved, but also warns against any vehicle in danger of moving into a higher tax bracket.

4. Vehicle utilisation
Through using our Pool Vehicle Booking system, you’ll identify whether your vehicles are being optimally utilised – that is, whether there are too many or not enough vehicles within your fleet, and where you can adjust your fleet mix to ensure a favourable spread of work across all vehicles.

Real examples from our clients!
• With a fleet of approximately 180 vehicles, one of our University clients has estimated a saving of $200,000 per annum in vehicle acquisition costs through utilising our online procurement and disposal service

• Another University client estimates an annual saving of over $40,000 in administration costs via improved management of vehicle transactions, reporting and pool vehicle record keeping

• A Government client has estimated an annual FBT saving of $180,000 by using of our FBT management module, which includes transparent, full cost tracking and FBT method optimisation reporting

• By utilising our Pool Vehicle Booking system, a health sector client has reduced the size of their pool vehicle fleet by 12%