Fuel Management

Smartfleet will upload all fuel files for your organisation, and will report against individual vehicles, drivers, departments and cost centres. Exception reports are provided to ensure the correct use of fuel cards and fuel types. Fuel efficiency is monitored by comparing actual fuel usage to the manufacturer’s vehicle specifications.

Sophisticated reporting will allow Smartfleet to provide guidance around fleet energy management, including options to reduce fuel consumption through:

• the use of alternative fuel
• a change in vehicle configuration
• a change in driver behaviour
• assessing vehicle suitability depending on what the vehicle is used for

Fuel cards can be automatically ordered and cancelled, and our competitive supply agreements with all major fuel providers will reduce the overall cost of your fleet.

Information captured through reporting will allow Smartfleet to highlight any fuel card misuse, such as excess filling, excess consumption and over-charging.

Customised reporting

For in-depth fleet intelligence, reports can be fully customised by Smartfleet to the specific requirements of your business. We cater for various organisational and corporate structures, reporting accountabilities, operational functions and financial requirements. Access to reports can be set at an authority level of your choosing.