The 10 most infuriating roads in New South Wales

For many road users in New South Wales, their daily commute can be a cause for serious stress and full-blown annoyance. For some, it might even make you look forward to getting into the office.

But what if your office is your vehicle? This is a very real concern for many fleet drivers all over the country, who spend a great deal of their time on some of the most rage-inducing stretches of roads in NSW.

The annual poll by the National Roads and Motorists Association (NRMA) asked road users to vote for their most infuriating road in the area. Nearly 12,000 respondents voted to have their say on their most common locations of in-car frustration in 2014.

Although some may see it as a bit of fun, or a way to let off steam about the state's worst roads, the results will be a particular concern for fleet managers.

Stress is a well-documented contributor to disengagement. In an office, productivity can fall, whereas in a vehicle, the effect could be much more dangerous for employees, other road users and pedestrians.

Once you know the worst offending roads, time can be taken to work around these high-frustration zones to improve your fleet productivity.

So, what are the most infurating roads to drive on in NSW today?

1. Pacific Highway at Coffs Harbour

A new entry into the top 10. The Pacific Highway has some simple problems that makes it a major headache for road users, NRMA Motoring & Services President Kyle Loades said. 

"The Pacific Highway topped the list for the worst road in NSW because of congestion, not enough lanes and poor road surfaces," he said.

"While the full duplication of the Pacific Highway should remain the priority, with the population of the Coffs Harbour area set to double in the next 20 years we should also be looking towards ways we can ease the congestion for locals – such as building a bypass."

2. Pennant Hills Road at Pennant Hills

Pennant Hills Road jumped from fifth place in 2012 to third in 2013, and has finally becoming the second most frustrating road in the state this year.

Mr Loades said drivers on Pennant Hills Road suffer from a lack of alternatives.

He said: "It is clear that we desperately need to not only build NorthConnex and WestConnex as soon as possible – but also find ways to alleviate congestion in the short-term.

"There are more than 200 truck breakdowns each year along Pennant Hills Road and this not only needs to be taken into account in the project design for NorthConnex, but it also means we need enhanced incident response capacity in the short-term."

3. Parramatta Road at Concord

Falling from second to third most frustrating road is nothing to be proud of, and Parramatta Road proves just that by being a staple of the NRMA's Seeing Red list.

Not all roads are struggling to break out of the list, explained Mr Loades.

"Following the Seeing Red on Roads campaign over the past few years, we have seen some real progress from the NSW and Australian governments to upgrade some of the most dangerous sections of road in the State," he said.

Judging by Parramatta Road's difficulty in getting out of the top three, it appears it is not one of these progressive routes.

And the rest

The remaining top offenders are:

  • Princes Highway at Albion Park
  • Barton Highway at Murrumbateman
  • Kings Highway at Braidwood
  • Bucketts Way at Allworth
  • M5 Motorway at Revesby
  • Narellan Road at Campbelltown
  • M4 Western Motorway at Granville