$17 million project to improve driving conditions on Sydney's M4 Motorway

If you are a Sydney based fleet manager, you may be pleased to learn that the state and federal governments are planning new initiatives aimed at reducing congestion and improving driving conditions on the M4 Motorway.

A new electronic freeway management system is expected to improve the flow of traffic and reduce congestion across the M4, with the NSW and Australian governments each contributing $8.5 million to the project.

"Retrofitting the motorway with this cutting-edge technology would give authorities the tools to better manage traffic flows, respond quickly to accidents, and deliver real time information to motorists so they can plan their journeys and avoid frustrating delays," said federal infrastructure and transport minister Anthony Albanese last week (August 24).

Mr Albanese went on to note the importance of making full use of existing infrastructure, rather than beginning construction on newer and larger projects.

The minister also pointed out that electronic freeway management systems such as the one being installed on the M4 will bring financial benefits to the country through reduced fuel consumption.

“Indeed, if used nationwide these systems have the real potential to greatly reduce congestion and save Australians more than $500 million a year in fuel and related costs," said Mr Albanese.

The system will consist of everything from variable speed limit signs to CCTV cameras and digital messaging signs to advise drivers of traffic conditions and lane and speed restrictions.