3 city cars fleet managers need to know about

Australia's diverse landscape results in a number of extremes for fleet managers and their vehicles. While some may be in charge of highway-commanding road trains, others may have a smaller focus that requires its own unique set of vehicles. 

For drivers who need to nip round city streets between meetings, a large or even mid-size car could be too big for the job, especially when it comes to sneaking into tiny urban car parks.

As such, the city and small car segment can offer distinctive vehicles that allow for easy travel around Australia's bustling city streets. Here are three of the best. 

1. Fiat 500

A modern recreation of the Italian classic, the Fiat 500 provides the nimble handling expected from cars in this class with an unmistakable style that recalls its automotive ancestors. 

The vehicle also comes in multiple trim levels, with options stretching from cheap, fuel efficient runabouts to tuned racers, so fleet managers can match the perfect car to each one of their drivers. There's also a selection of engine options, all of which are suitably small and peppy for maximum fun and efficiency on tight city streets.

2. Mini Cooper

For those who have seen the Italian Job, the Mini Copper's adeptness at handling the challenges of the urban environment will be old news. Although performing any of these manoeuvres out on the job would draw plenty of attention from the law, it's nice to know you're sitting in a capable vehicle. 

The most recent version of the Mini proves that great styling never goes out of fashion, with the updated visuals surrounding a safe, powerful and efficient vehicle. This ensures motorists get the best of both worlds - classic looks and 21st century technology. 

Thanks to this revitalised version of the original, Mini owners now receive more than enough power for a car of its size without sacrificing fuel efficiency. This can be credited to the unique 3-cylinder engine that sports two turbochargers for support. 

3. Mazda 2

It would be unfair to ignore wholly-modern examples for yet another retro throwback, so it's time for fleet managers to turn their attention toward the Mazda 2. 

The Japanese Marque's 'KODO - Soul in Motion' design language has shaped this new hatchback from the ground up, providing an appearance that is uniquely Mazda. As usual, this is backed up by the company's SKYACTIV engine technology that offers increased engine performance and efficiency thanks to a high compression ratio. 

For darting through urban centres, it's hard to beat these three cars, but do your drivers have other options in mind?