3 fleet management services to consider

Managing a fleet is only becoming more difficult. In the modern day, you may find your commitments stretching and your time becoming increasingly more precious.

You can easily have the perception that all new responsibilities seem to fall at your door, adding to an already increasing workload.

To make things more difficult, the way we use the road is slowly changing, too. From new infrastructure developments to the trialling of new technology, keeping up to speed on your primary obligations and running a safe and efficient fleet is growing more tricky by the day, it seems.

If this sounds all too familiar, it's important to know that assistance is available. While technology is helping to pack more chores into our daily lives, it is also providing ways to find efficiencies throughout the spectrum of fleet management responsibilities.

After all, didn't we once consider future technology to be a way to ease our burdens, not add to them?

Here are three fleet managed services that can help you optimise your daily duties, cut time and run a better fleet:

Fleet maintenance - There is a double dividend that comes with good fleet maintenance. Not only will the service improve your fleet safety but it will also drastically reduce the money you spend on servicing and repairs. Time will be saved by simplifying the scheduling and invoicing of regular maintenance, while outsourcing to a third party can save up to 30 per cent on parts, labour and tyres.

Vehicle procurement - When is the best time to upgrade your fleet? Doing so too early will limit your return on investment, while leaving it too late will cost you more in terms of efficiency. A fleet management program keeps track of usage and advises on when to change vehicles. Your provider's professional knowledge and a competitive tendering market will also ensure dealers offer their best prices.

Registration management - A lapse in concentration when it comes to vehicle registration can cause serious issues. Your management program will send an alert 90 days prior to the renewal of any registration, at which point you will be able to use an approval process that offers total transparency. Any inspections can be arranged by your fleet service provider and driver to save further time.

There are many more ways fleet management can find new efficiencies when running your fleet. To learn more from an expert advisor, contact Smartfleet today.