3 luxury cars to keep a fleet looking its best

While many fleets around Australia are centred around green cars and practicality, others - such as corporate taxis and limousine services - need vehicles that are as fancy as the clients they'll be transporting.

Thankfully, fleet managers won't have abandoned their love for green cars in the pursuit of the ultimate luxury vehicle, with most manufacturers continuing to embrace lower fuel consumption figures in these vehicles as well.

How many of your fleet vehicles have night-vision and seat heaters?

The biggest difference, of course, is gadgets. Although current new cars are usually overstocked with everything from satellite navigation systems to iPhone connectivity, how many are boasting night-vision and seat heaters? Here are three luxury vehicles that are ready to transform your fleet.

1. 2016 BMW 7 series

While almost all of BMW's vehicles are designed with a hint of luxury, the 7 series is the flagship model, with the German manufacturer stating this year's version combines new levels of performance, comfort and technology. 

Touch screens were once the pinnacle for technological advancement in cars, and for some vehicles they still are. Not content to simply match what everyone else is doing, BMW has implemented what it's claiming as the first example of 'Gesture Control', allowing drivers and passengers to control features of the cabin without having to touch anything. 

2. 2015 Mercedes S-Class

To the uneducated, these two vehicles may be one and the same, but in fact, they're fierce rivals. German compatriots BMW and Mercedes have frequently fought their battles on the track, but now they're trying to one up each other on the road as well. 

Like the 7 series, the S-Class is intended to be a class-leading vehicle, combining the best of Mercedes power, luxury and comfort. 

The technology the S-Class is packed with is for more than just show as well, with a night-vision system designed to detect and report potential hazards when driving in adverse conditions. 

3. The Tesla Model S

We've talked about the Model S before, but as yet it's the only vehicle that's able to transport people in luxury without producing a single emission thanks to its electric engine. 

Not only does this create a fuel efficient car, it also adds to its luxury. Electric engines are silent, so drivers and passengers are transported in quiet comfort, far from the roaring engines of the other vehicles on this list. 

The Tesla Model S isn't just the height of luxury for today, with its visionary powerplant it's also a look into the future.