3 mid-size sedans fleet managers should have their eye on

While not the most exciting vehicles on the road, mid-size sedans are still a staple of Australia's mobile workforce, with travelling salespeople relying on their functionality for decades. 

Most marques - with the exception of high-end supercar manufacturers - offer some sort of equivalent, making it a competitive market for brands trying to get ahead. Because of this, fleet managers have a wealth of options to choose from.

So, where should you cast your eye?

1. Ford Mondeo

​For years the Ford Mondeo was known for one thing: being a dependable mode of transport for sales reps around the globe. That all changed in 2006, when the car appeared as James Bond's vehicle of choice - for a while at least - in Casino Royale. 

While it's a tenuous connection at best, it's a start for fleet managers who want a piece of Bond's lifestyle but can't justify an Aston Martin-level price tag. 

Even without the Bond connection, the Mondeo is a great choice for drivers who need a compact sedan for navigating both tight city streets and the open road. The new model has set its sights on reducing fuel consumption figures too, with Ford's 2 litre EcoBoost engine featuring as one of the options. 

2. Hyundai i40

From old guard, to new challenger. While the Mondeo has been a feature of the mid-size sedan market for years, the Hyundai i40 is a more recent arrival. 

The Korean marque has recently refreshed the vehicle as well, equipping it with the technology necessary to achieve a five star ANCAP rating. This includes everything from electronic stability and traction control to a brake assist system that allows drivers to safely come to a stop when attempting to avoid an accident. 

It also boasts impressive fuel consumption figures, with Hyundai claiming the vehicle can use as little as 5.1 litres per 100 km travelled. 

3. BMW M3

This one may seem a little confusing at first. In the past, BMW had used the M3 badge to designate its flagship coupe. With this model, that honour falls to the M4, resigning the M3 to being the practical four-door alternative. 

Despite eschewing the familiar styling, the new M3 marks a return to the German company's roots, hiding a straight 6 powerplant under the hood that harks back to classic variants. 

However, it's also a little bit pricier than the options we outlined above. Is your boss likely to sign off on your request for one? Possibly not. Should you have your eye on it anyway? Absolutely.