3 SUVs to conquer any terrain

SUVs have changed. While they were once the epitome of gas-guzzling inefficiency, they're now just as refined as regular vehicles and some can even be considered green cars

This doesn't mean they've gone soft however, as there are still options for those that need to get off-road for work. The difference now is that they're just as adept when it comes to picking up the kids on your way home. 

On top of this, the market has gone crazy in recent years for a whole new class of vehicle - the crossover SUV. These blend SUV features and functionality with the styling and economy of smaller cars, creating a vehicle that is the best of both worlds for fleet managers

1. Toyota RAV4

Would any list of cars really be complete without a Toyota of some description? The RAV4 is now a staple of its lineup and one that has evolved over time as consumer demands shifted. 

What was previously a small SUV has now become comfortably mid-size, muscling up as regulations begin to provide stricter rules for automotive development. It also has some curious options considering it's an SUV, as fleet managers can choose a front-wheel drive variant, resulting in a car that is better suited to city streets than forest trails. 

2. Land Rover Defender

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the Defender is a vehicle that knows of nothing but the wilderness, having been born and raised on farms throughout Britain. 

With a design philosophy steeped in practicality, the rugged and simplistic shape hasn't changed much since it emerged in the 40s. The rest of it has changed with the times however, with modern drivetrains, engines and safety features supporting the original aesthetic that made the Defender such a classic vehicle. 

If your fleet is committed to servicing clients in the far reaches of the Australian wilderness, there are few SUVs that could offer the same performance. 

3. Volvo XC90 T8

Proof that SUVs can be environmentally friendly, the Volvo XC90 T8 is the green evolution of a car so great that Jeremy Clarkson himself purchased one, then a second and then a third. 

The XC90 T8 is a petrol-electric hybrid so you can get off-road without fear of harmful emissions damaging the environment. You can also switch the all-wheel drive mode off with the touch of a button to save fuel when transitioning to city streets or the open road.