3 ways to immediately reduce fleet costs

It's not becoming cheaper to own and run a vehicle. This is even more noticeable for a fleet manager trying to organise a whole battalion of vehicles on a budget.

Reducing the cost of running a fleet is something that should be approached in the long term. However, there are also things a fleet manager can do today if they feel pressured to reduce their everyday spending.

Here are three examples that can immediately reduce your fleet costs.

Pool booking

One of the most financially rewarding fleet services is pool booking. Fleet managers will know the pain felt when two drivers return individually from the same job or site - it's a drain on funds and resources.

Optimising your fleet usage is easier than you'd expect. A fleet management program will make organising vehicles easier and more efficient, meaning before long a manager can cut fuel costs, lower the wear and tear of vehicles or even reduce fleet size. 

Manage toll ways with e-tags

If your drivers are constantly passing through tolls, there is a risk that payments will build up and even be missed. This can result in costly toll notices and fines.

However, e-tagging makes paying for tolls an automated process. Eliminating the hassle of having to pay for each individually, e-tagging records when your car uses a toll road and automatically charges you for it.

Smartfleet's tollway management program takes this concept and removes even more of the burden, giving a manager the means to track their tollway costs. We will also order, cancel and distribute all e-tags for you, as well as pay toll notices on your behalf.

Fuel management

In terms of procurement, a larger expense can unlock significant savings over time. If you are looking to invest in cars with a lower fuel consumption, there are plenty of options available.

Hybrid and electric cars are more common than ever in Australia, while a manager not ready to make the jump from the internal combustion engine can find a range of assistance when procuring fuel-efficient fleet cars.

However, if budgets are not quite big enough to afford new cars, even current fleet vehicles can be made more fuel friendly. Smartfleet's reporting software can track usage and advise a manager on where they can make savings.

If you want to discover a whole suite of ways to reduce your fleet costs, our experts are on hand and ready to help. Simple contact us online or give us a call on 1300 218 841.