3 ways to improve road safety among your fleet

Fleet managers have the difficult task of making sure all their employees are receiving the highest standard of workplace health and safety. When a major part of your business involves sending drivers out on unpredictable roads and driving at highway speeds, there are naturally some dangers that can't be managed.

According to a recent post from the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ), three people lose their lives every day on Australian roads. Around 80 people per day are also hospitalised because of road-related incidents.

"Road traffic crashes kill and seriously injure the same amount of people every day in Australia," Senior Road Safety Advisor at RACQ Joel Tucker explained in a recent post.

"But having just come back from an Australasian conference on road safety, I can tell you that the overwhelming concern among the industry is that there appears to be very little urgency on behalf of the public or the government to turn this around."

It is up to fleet managers, then, to get a firm grip of the risks that are under their control. Here are three ways they can boost occupational health and safety (OHS) through closer road risk management.

Improving road safety among fleet drivers

Educate drivers - This can take many roles, such as weekly or monthly meetings with updates on the best practices for everyday driving. A fleet manager can also highlight the most common dangers and explain what risks drivers should look out for and self regulate - such as fatigued driving, speeding and using mobile devices behind the wheel.

Use all tools at your disposal - One problem that fleet managers commonly find is that they don't have enough time to dedicate to an all-encompassing OHS policy - as much as they may like to. Making the most of easy-to-use and powerful fleet management software will provide a manager with more time to dedicate on safety matters. Such software is also designed to improve route planning and risk assessment, and can be used to avoid some of Australia's more dangerous roads.

Upgrade your business fleet - Australia has a great market for buying new fleet vehicles. High safety standards and a range of driver-assist technologies mean that upgrading older cars to newer models can drastically improve your OHS commitment. With so many vehicles to choose from, fleet procurement comes with difficult decisions to make, though help is on hand. Smartfleet's regional experts understand the market and can use their knowledge and purchasing power to find the best car at a competitive cost.

To find out more about the various tools for improving road safety, contact Smartfleet for unique and tailored advice.