3 ways to stretch your fleet's fuel economy

One of the most expensive aspects of fleet management can be fuel consumption. These days, fleet managers are choosing vehicles based on their fuel efficiency ratings because the savings soon stack up in the long run. 

As petrol prices continue to empty pockets, it is important to think of ways to stretch fuel economy further. Often these can be quick, easy steps - but they can mean huge savings once drivers in your fleet get into the habit of doing these regularly. Following these tips can mean stopping less often at a petrol station to fill up tank, which is excellent for managing accounts overall. 

1. Limit the braking and speeding.

Quick, sharp brakes and constant speeding can significantly consume fuel. It forces the engine and other parts of the vehicle to work harder than needed, burning up more fuel in the process. If cars in your fleet have a cruise control feature, encourage all drivers to use this every time they drive because it manages a regular and constant speed throughout the journey. Fewer fuel is used through this technology. 

2. Don't forget the little things, like petrol caps. 

There's a reason they say every drop makes an ocean. Often drivers forget to tighten the petrol cap, and sometimes they lose it altogether. Forgetting to seal the petrol tank entry point means the precious petrol can evaporate. Money is literally being lost into thin air. Similarly, another little thing drivers often overlook is leaving the air conditioning on when it isn't required. This unnecessarily uses up fuel. 

3. Prioritise regular vehicle maintenance. 

The importance of changing oil, air filters and spark plugs on a regular basis should not be underestimated. Without correctly functioning parts, fuel use can not be optimised. There are many safety benefits from checking the car often, and car technology nowadays will inform the driver of this through 'check engine lights' and other alarms. 

Using these tips in addition to green cars can make the future of fuel consumption even brighter.