4 ways to boost sustainability in your business

According to the Global Language Monitors 'Top 50 Business Buzzwords of 2013', sustainability was the third most popular term used by CEOs and fleet managers alike over the past 12 months. It was just behind 'content' and 'social media', but ahead of 'transparency' and 'literally'.

We may be almost three months into a new year, but that doesn't mean sustainability isn't still on the tip of everyone's tongues. It's not just a passing craze; it's the key to ensuring your company remains viable as the years roll by, and your carbon footprint is not any larger than it needs to be.

The following are four ways you can keep sustainability at the top of your agenda in 2014, and help this term continue its reign in the uppermost portion of the next 'Top 50 Business Buzzwords' list. 

1) Go paperless. One way to do your bit for Mother Nature is to cut down on the amount of paper and ink you're using on a daily basis. Try storing your documents electronically using services such as Dropbox and Google Docs, and encouraging your clients to communicate via e-mail rather than fax or post.

2) Opt for green cars. If you purchase new vehicles for your fleet in 2014, choose eco-friendly models. Those with a low rate of fuel consumption can be easily located using fleet management software that features a module for procurement and disposal management.

With a fleet management program that offers environmental reporting, you can make sure your cars are operating efficiently.

3) Try telecommuting or teleconferencing. If you can limit the amount of travelling to and from your company that's occurring through telecommuting and teleconferencing, you can reduce your staff's carbon emissions.

4) Turn everything off. If you're not using lights, computers or other electrical devices, switch them off. This will help you not only save the environment, but also money come your next power bill!