5 apps that every fleet manager should know about

There's an app for everything in this day and age. Here are just five that have arrived on the automotive scene in the past few years!


If your business is located in Victoria, encourage your staff to download VicTraffic - the official app of VicRoads. This handy app will provide your drivers with up-to-the-minute data on road closures and traffic alerts, letting them know where they've occurred and whether detours have been set up. It can also tell users when events or roadworks have been organised, so they can avoid those areas.

Fill My Tank

This app was named among the Top 25 Car Apps by Drive.com.au and provides users with real-time fuel prices, so they can find the cheapest place to get petrol. According to the iTunes Store, it's a crowd-souring app (which means the content is provided by users). So, the more people who download it, the more accurate and wide-ranging it will become! 

Of course, opting for green cars is another way you can keep your petrol costs down!


Do you want to know where speed and stop-light cameras are? How about police? Or traffic jams? Trapster is the answer! This app is available in over 10 languages and will give you both visual and audio alerts when any of the above enter your path!

Speed Adviser 

This app was recently launched by Transport for New South Wales and alerts drivers when they are entering school or other zones that will require them to reduce their speed. It also tells users when the speed limit has changed, and has both a day and night mode.

Road Mode

VicRoads has also launched a nifty app that silences all incoming calls and text messages, so your drivers won't be distracted when they're on the road. It sends an automated message to whoever's trying to contact your drivers, stating they're behind the wheel and unable to reach their phone.