5 tips for safe winter driving

Winter is coming, and with it inclement weather that could affect your drivers' ability to navigate the roads.

As a fleet manager, you want to know that your drivers and their vehicles will get from A to B safely. What's more, you want to know that - even if disaster strikes - they will be in good hands. 

Introducing a fleet management program to your business that provides accident management and roadside assistance is a cost-effective way of achieving peace of mind, and ensuring your drivers are just one phone call away from help if and when they're involved in a crash.

Having said that, preventing such a crash from occurring in the first place is your drivers' best course of action. So, consider sharing the following tips for driving safely throughout the colder months!

Five tips for safe winter driving

1) The golden rule for safe winter driving, according to the Australian Federal Police, is to slow down - particularly in wet weather. 

2) You should always ensure your fleet maintenance is up to scratch, so that all of the car mechanisms that are designed to make wet-weather driving easier - such as windscreen wipers and defoggers - as in working condition. Your fleet's tyres should also have adequate tread, so vehicles are less likely to skid on slippery roads.

3) There should always be plenty of space between your car and the vehicle in front, so you don't slam into them if they brake suddenly. 

4) It's never a good idea to drive with fogged up windows. If you need to quickly defog your vehicle's windows, Life Hacker suggests rapidly lowering the inside temperature of your car to combat condensation. You can do this by simply opening the windows or turning on the AC.

5) Always give yourself extra time to get to your destination, so you're not caught out by poor conditions and more cars on the road.