5 ways outsourced fleet management can save costs

Many businesses are latching onto the benefits of outsourcing various aspects of their business, such as IT and accounting - but did you know you can outsource your fleet management as well?

Letting an expert service provider take the reins of your fleet, no matter how large or small, can save your business some serious costs. Here are just five fleet services the best in the business offer.

1. Fuel management

Excessive fuel consumption is one of the biggest drains on fleet costs, and an outsourced fleet manager can help you trim down your fuel expenses.

Through gauging the fuel consumption of each individual vehicle, these service providers can report on areas for improvement and suggest the changes that can be made.

2. FBT calculations

Fleet management providers understand that nobody likes dealing with FBT reporting.

That's why they're willing to crunch the numbers and do the hard work for you, comparing the two cost calculation methods to find out which is more suitable for your individual business.

3. Vehicle utilisation management

An outsourced fleet management team can keep tabs on your overall fleet at a glance to see if it is being employed optimally.

If your business has too few or too many vehicles, resulting in cost deficiencies, you will be alerted straight away and provided with a plan of action.

4. Service and maintenance management

Breakdowns and accidents are part and parcel of any fleet, no matter how careful your drivers are.

Relying on a third party fleet manager means they can source the most cost-effective servicing options for your vehicles and make sure all work carried out is compliant with regulations.

5. Fleet software options

The best fleet management providers know you'll also want to keep track of your fleet yourself.

Additional fleet software can help you do just that, with dashboard features to give you a quick overview of your fleet's performance.