A3 poised to be Audi's greenest car

Audi recently unveiled the latest version of its A3 line and has proudly flaunted the new model's incredible fuel efficiency.

The A3 has always been a popular choice in Audi's lineup, with its compact size and relatively low price tag making it a sensible option for any fleet manager.

However, Audi took it one step further with the A3 1.6 TDI Ultra, producing the brand's most fuel efficient model.

It consumes just 3.2 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres and boasts a cruising range of more than 1,500 kilometres, according to an August 4 press release.

The "versatile marvel of fuel economy" isn’t just your average green car, however - it also boasts Audi's traditionally superior performance specs.

With a top speed of 200 kilometres per hour, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 10.5 seconds. 

It is also the first car from Audi to bear the 'Ultra' mark, which means it "expresses the brand's all-encompassing commitment to systematic sustainability concerning production and products", according to the release.

Audi is set to release other Ultra models containing TDI and TFSI engines, which are all geared towards promoting a sustainable manufacturing philosophy, limiting fuel consumption and emissions.

The A3 is also likely to be one of the safest compact vehicles in the market, as previous versions were awarded five star safety ratings from ANCAP.

The 2013 model received the maximum safety rating, and comes complete with frontal, side, head and knee airbags.

With a fleet management program in place, you can manage your fleet's fuel consumption and fleet maintenance duties to ensure your drivers are as safe as they are efficient on the roads.