Accident management essential during wet winter months

Winter has well and truly arrived, with last month bringing wild weather conditions to much of Australia.

Wet roads often bring an increased risk when driving and for that reason now is a good time to consider the systems you have in place for dealing with a vehicle accident.

The right fleet management software can provide 24/7 accident management services to ensure staff have peace of mind about their own safety, while also streamlining the insurance document preparation process.  

Obviously the best form of accident management is accident prevention, so it is also worth taking the time to remind drivers of a few safe practices when operating a vehicle in the rain.

The speed limit is just that - a limit. It most certainly isn't a target and slowing down when the roads are slippery will give you more time to react to any incidents or loss of traction in your own vehicle.

Furthermore it is worth remembering that stopping time will be increased when the roads are slick, so by keeping a greater following distance you will greatly reduce the risk of nose-to-tail accidents.

Visibility is also a major factor - even in light rain it can be a good idea to switch on your headlights to ensure that you can be seen by all other drivers on the road.

Remember though that even with the safest driving practices the occasional incident is still going to occur. While minimising that risk is important, responsible and practical fleet managers will ensure they have a good system of accident management in place at all times.