Additional $45 million to go towards repairing and restoring Victorian roads

If you are a fleet manager with vehicles currently operating in Victoria, you may be pleased to hear that the state government will be making a significant investment into repairing and restoring local roads.

According to minister for roads Terry Mulder, recent major flood events and wetter than normal weather over the past two years have deteriorated Victorian roads faster than anticipated.

For that reason, the 2012/13 Road Asset Management budget will be bolstered by $45 million, taking it to $432.9 million in total.

It is anticipated that the investment will make the roads safer and less unpredictable for drivers, hopefully resulting in fewer accidents and a reduced rate of damage to vehicles.

"While VicRoads has an ongoing maintenance program in place to ensure the safe operation of the arterial road network there has been far greater maintenance required than budget forecasts allowed," said Mr Mulder in a statement released October 10.

"The funding for this repair and restore package will target some of the worst roads in Victoria, where it is needed the most."

The investment will be split between resurfacing and restoration works, and road users are being encouraged to contact VicRoads if they come across any damage to roads that may be hazardous and in need of urgent repair.

The news will be encouraging to any organisation with a fleet of company vehicles operating in the state, as it could lead to less fleet maintenance and servicing being required.

However it is important to remember that driving will always carry an element of risk, and for this reason fleet services which can offer peace of mind through roadside assistance and accident management can often be a wise investment.

Mr Mulder also noted that the additional investment will hopefully lead to savings in the future, as it will ensure necessary repairs are conducted before they worsen and become more expensive to fix.

"We want to thank motorists and communities for their patience throughout winter and ask them to exercise the same patience while the works are carried out over the warmer months."