ANCAP awards more five-star safety ratings

Two more vehicles have achieved Australasian New Car Assessment Program's (ANCAP) five-star safety rating, according to the crash test authority.

ANCAP ratings are critically important to any fleet manager, as selecting safe and capable vehicles for drivers is imperative for the business. As vehicle choices are overwhelming, these measures come in handy when deciding to upgrade the fleet.

As of July 14, the Nissan Qashqai and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class have earned top status after the latest round of testing.

Nissan Qashqai

A stand out performer in the crash tests, both the petrol and diesel variant of the Nissan Qashqai achieved high results. The Qashqai, previously known as the Dualis in previous models, is an SUV that would make an excellent fleet vehicle for inner city travel.

Although the Qashqai met the five-star safety rating criteria, ANCAP Chairman Lauchlan McIntosh explained it was astounding that the European-sold vehicle featured Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), but the Australian-sold version did not.

"AEB is a proven life-saver and all manufacturers should be doing their utmost to bring this technology to the market today. The lack of AEB cannot be a matter of cost as it is available on other inexpensive cars," he said.

"Are lives in Australia and New Zealand worth less than those in Europe?"

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Encompassing the entire C-Class, Mercedes Benz performed particularly well during the crash test performance. According to the authority, the C-Class vehicles contain a number of impressive safety assist technologies to appeal to any fleet manager. 

There is standard AEB across all models as well as an 'active' bonnet for improved pedestrian protection.

In the event of a collision, an active bonnet raises up. In a fraction of a second, the available deformation space increases and the injury risk for pedestrians decreases.

To complement any new vehicles, fleet software is suggested to further increase safety. Services and maintenance checks are recorded and emailed to drivers to ensure any ongoing repairs are completed on time.