Australia demands better roads

For the third year in a row, Seeing Red on Roads is giving Sydneysiders the chance to say which roads are the worst.

Seeing Red on Roads is a poll organised by the National Roads and Motorists' Association (NRMA) and conducted by UMR Research, which more than 25,000 drivers from New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory have taken part in over the past two years.

"The fact that so many thousands of drivers respond to our survey each year shows that the state of our roads is of huge concern," said local NRMA director David Bentham in a May 8 statement.

In 2012, Narellan Road at Currans Hill, Camden Valley Way at Leppington, Hume Highway at Wilton, Narellan Road and Hume Highway at Campbelltown, and Remembrance Drive at Picton were picked as the worst five roads in south-west Sydney.

After the poll was conducted in 2011, the government committed over $900 million to fixing the road that topped the list - the Pacific Highway. It is hoped that Seeing Red on Roads will continue to encourage the government to regard the state of our roads as a serious problem.

This is good news for fleet managers worried about fleet maintenance, as well-maintained roads mean less damage to their cars from rogue stones and potholes.

To really drive this message home, Seeing Red on Roads has been released to coincide with another national campaign that is promoting road maintenance and safety: Demand Better Roads.

Demand Better Roads, which is being led by the Australian Automobile Association, is aiming to get $100 billion invested in fixing problem roads over the next ten years.

While Australia waits for better roads, your business may want to implement a fleet management program that will ensure the vehicles in your fleet get cost-effective repairs and maintenance if and when they require it.