Australia experienced hottest summer on record in 2012/13, report finds

A new report from the Climate Commission has confirmed that the summer of 2012/13 was the hottest ever recorded in Australia, with a number of records being shattered all across the country.

According to the Angry Summer report, new record high temperatures were set in every state and territory this summer, with more than 70 per cent of the country experiencing an extreme temperature at some point during the December-January heat wave.

Of particular concern will be the fact that extreme weather events were also recorded across much of the country, with severe bushfires, extreme rainfall and flooding causing major damage and injury.

The Climate Commission has attributed these events to the impact of climate change, and a climate system that is significantly warmer and moister than in previous decades.

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The importance of moving towards environmentally friendly vehicles such as green cars has been highlighted by climate scientist and report author Will Steffen, who noted that the events detailed in Angry Summer would likely get worse in the near future unless urgent action was taken.

"I think what this is telling us is that climate change is not some hypothetical thing that will occur in the future, the climate has actually changed," said Mr Steffen while speaking at the release of the report on March 4, as reported by Fairfax Media.