Australia gearing up for brighter, greener future

Fossil fuels: It seems we can't live with them and can't live without them - particularly a fleet manager trying to run a company's on-road logistics.

Small businesses may see their reliance on petrol or diesel as a damaging thing; a constant expense that's always limiting their budget, cash flow and ability to grow. And yet even in hybrid vehicles, these types of fuel are, for many, the only way to get around - at least for the time being.

Research shows that fleet operators are concentrating on reducing their fuel usage rather than investing right away in green cars. Helping this cause is the fact that our vehicles have been getting even more fuel efficient, according to a new set of research by Australia's National Transport Commission (NTC).

Paul Retter, CEO of the NTC, explained the details of the findings, which show that car owners and the industry as a whole is working towards the same low-carbon goal.

"Australians have always loved their cars, but this data shows that more and more they are loving cars that save them money at the fuel pump," Mr Retter said.

"Manufacturers are doing their bit too - the average emissions intensity of Australian made vehicles fell between 18 and 28 per cent over 10 years."

Fleet operators have a part to play in making these statistics even more impressive. The NTC research found that if every new-car buyer was to choose the most fuel-efficient option at the purchasing stage, Australia's average emissions would improve by 50 per cent.

What's more, there's a greater selection to choose from to suit your specific fleet needs.

"Ten years ago there were only three low-emission car models available to Australians. Today our car buyers can choose from 59 models that emit less than 120 grams of carbon dioxide for every kilometre they travel," Mr Retter continued.

So, if you're in the market for greener fleet vehicles, or if you need help managing your fleet fuel consumption, give Smartfleet a call for expert advice.