Australia has more cars, but safer roads

It seems like a paradox, but Australia has consistently increased the number of cars on its roads over the years, yet there are less accidents than ever before.

As with most problems of this scale, there is no one factor that has contributed to the improvement. While it's true that cars now come from the factory safer and more equipped than they have been in the past, there are also a number of road safety campaigns designed to keep motorists on their toes. 

Although the cause might not be clear, the results certainly are. Safer roads mean less injuries and deaths, and fleet maintenance is less of a problem as less cars get caught up in other people's mistakes. 

More traffic, less crashes

According to Roy Morgan Research, there is now just shy of 16 million drivers on the country's roads, up from 13.3 million in 2005. 

In March of 2005, around one in every five motorists (20.8 per cent) had been involved in at least one accident over the previous five years. That number has now decreased, as this statement now only affects 19.1 per cent of all motorists. 

Two states in particular saw notable improvements, with WA now considered the safest state to drive in based on these statistics. Ten years ago, 19.1 per cent of WA drivers had been in a car crash sometime in the last five years. Now, that figure stands at 16.8 per cent. 

South Australia was the second most improved state, as its results dropped from 21.1 per cent to 18.3 per cent. 

"The fact that fewer Australian motorists are having vehicle accidents while driving is good news for everyone," affirmed Jordan Pakes, Industry director for Automotive at Roy Morgan Research. 

"WA's decline is especially encouraging, and suggests that the WA Office of Road Safety is doing something right with its diverse campaigns targeted at everything from drink-driving and speeding to distracted driving."