Australia Post fleet to trial electric vans

One of Australia's most recognisable fleet services is set to become the first in the country to trial electric-powered vans.

Australia Post will begin to use the Renault-designed vans from the middle of the year for 12 months and will look to test their use for a full rollout in the coming years.

Currently, the Renault Kangoo Maxi Z.E. (Zero Emission) electric vans are not sold in Australia, but are sold widely for fleet use across Europe and the United Kingdom.

Australia Post Head of Environmental Sustainability Andrew Sellick said the electric vans will be used for everyday deliveries across the country and are part of a wider fuel consumption program.

"The Kangoo Maxi Z.E. assessment is part of a broader strategy to explore alternative fuels at Australia Post, including using biofuel and hybrid vehicles in our current fleet," he said.

"The electric vans will be powered by accredited GreenPower from renewable energy sources to ensure we are maximising the potential to reduce our environmental impact."

Mr Sellick said he expects to see a 50 per cent reduction in energy costs and 100 per cent reduction in carbon emissions. He also hopes that Australian Post is the first of many fleets to adopt electric vehicles.

"We hope this initiative will ultimately help drive the commercialisation and acceptance of electric vehicles in this country," he added.

Renault Australia's Managing Director Justin Hocevar agreed, stating the company hopes to introduce the Kangoo Z.E in the next few years. Melbourne's Australia Post base will receive the first two electric vans by June, with Sydney getting the other two by the end of the year.

To complement electric vehicles like those in the Australian Post fleet, businesses are recommended to install fleet management software which can track everything from registration information and alert fleet managers when vehicles need servicing and maintenance.