Is Australia set to ramp up production of LPG vehicles?

In a move that will certainly excite any fleet manager in Australia, two key industry bodies have made a government proposal to begin the production of LPG vehicles in this country.

The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) teamed up with Gas Energy Australia to present the Economic Review of Victoria and South Australia to the government, in an effort to get the green light to build LPG vehicle production facilities in these two states.

According to a statement from Gas Energy Australia, three facilities are planned for Melbourne, Geelong and Adelaide. In addition to producing over 45,000 "next generation" SUVs, small cars, light commercial and hybrid vehicles, the plants would supply 500 new jobs in these areas.

The long-term vision of the proposal is to make LPG vehicle production a sustainable niche in the Australian automobile industry and ensure these vehicles are a viable option for new car buyers in the future.

VACC Executive Director David Purchase made it clear the proposal would see the latest in LPG automobile innovation arrive on Australian shores.

"These vehicles are not the old LPG vehicles we know now. The vehicles rolling off the new production lines will utilise the most advanced LPG technology and include production of LPG powered hybrid vehicles," he explained in a January 21 media release.

Mr Purchase said he expects a range of flow-on benefits to accompany LPG vehicle production in Australia, including a reduced dependency on oil, improved energy security and of course, lower greenhouse gas emissions.

LPG-powered vehicles are a sustainable alternative to other green cars such as electric and plug-in hybrids. Should the proposal get the seal of approval, fleet managers in Australia are likely to enjoy lower fuel consumption and improved environmental practices in the years ahead.