Australia waits for HiLux fleet-friendly safety upgrades

A while back, Toyota promised that a "suite of fleet-friendly safety upgrades" would be added to its ever-popular HiLux range.

According to Go Auto, the fate of these upgrades is still hanging in the balance.

The original announcement was made in 2012, and was a reaction to the growing trend among Australian fleets, which still continues to this day, of only wanting to purchase vehicles with five-star ANCAP safety ratings.

The Toyota HiLux range is currently sitting of a four-star safety rating.

Go Auto reveals that the upgrades were proposed to include electronic stability control (ESC), as well as side-curtain airbags in some models.

The government announced in 2009 that, as part of a new Australian Design Rule, all vehicles would have to possess ESC by November 2013.

This handy piece of technology has been proven to significantly reduce the likelihood that drivers find themselves in loss-of-control accidents, according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.

While many a fleet manager is waiting with bated breath for these safety upgrades to be confirmed and implemented, the HiLux range - dubbed "unbreakable" by its manufacturers - still has a lot going for it.

For a start, it's one of the most green cars on the market. Its petrol-run models contain VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing with intelligence) technology that brings fuel consumption way down without compromising the vehicles' power.

The HiLux's body structure is also the result of many years' careful consideration and construction.

It's made of "high tensile and anti-corrosion sheet steel", and this combined with a incredibly rigid structure means the vehicle is able to perform admirably in the most unforgivable conditions - and we all know Australia offers a lot of these!

Because the HiLux is built tough, it requires less attention and care - perfect for those who want to keep fleet maintenance costs to a minimum.

If the proposed safety features are ever added, the HiLux should be at the top of every fleet manager's shopping list!