Australian Automobile Association calls for better fuel pricing information

The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) has called for better information to be given to motorists regarding fuel prices, so that they may make more informed decisions about where they choose to buy petrol.

In order to achieve this, the organisation has expressed its support for the development of a national standard which will create consistency and improve transparency when it comes to fuel price boards.

A submission has been made to Consumer Affairs Australia and New Zealand calling for the implementation of a new national Information Standard, which would fall under the Competition and Consumer Act 2012.

AAA executive director Andrew McKellar says that drivers are often misled or confused by unclear price boards that give vague information about the cost of various fuel types at individual petrol stations.

"Drivers deserve consistency in fuel advertising on price boards so they can determine the best deal for them," said Mr McKellar in a statement issued February 19.

Mr McKellar believes that price boards should list the costs of all of the most popular fuel types, including E10, regular unleaded fuel, premium unleaded, diesel and LPG.

"There is no reason to delay the development and implementation of a national standard until after the federal election," said Mr McKellar.

The wide variance in petrol pricing across Australia and between individual petrol stations can often make keep tracking of fuel consumption a headache for any fleet manager looking to improve fleet efficiency.

A better way to manage car fuel consumption is through the utilisation of intelligent fleet management software, which can provide sophisticated reporting modules that make analysing the potential inefficiencies of any individual vehicle easier than ever before.