Australian government continues to push locally made vehicles

The Australian government has launched a new initiative intended to encourage organisations to purchase locally made vehicles for their company fleet.

As part of this, former Ford Motor Company Indonesia president William Angove has been appointed as the first ever Automotive Supplier Advocate, it was announced on Thursday (December 6).

Mr Angove's role will involve preparing an action plan aimed at identifying potentially ways to increase the amount of Australian-made vehicles purchased by fleets, in order to help auto sector SMEs develop and compete in new markets.

The Australian government has been working hard to secure the future of the Australian automotive manufacturing industry in recent months, having announced a $35 million Automotive New Markets Initiative (ANMI) earlier this year.

According to a statement released regarding the appointment of Mr Angove, this industry is particularly important to the local economy due to its strategic importance and the fact that it generates "significant employment, investment, research and development, innovation and exports".

With extensive experience in the growing Asian automotive industry, it is hoped that Mr Angove will bring significant leadership skills to the table.

If you are a fleet manager in an Australian organisation looking at potentially investing in locally made vehicles, you may be interested to know that there are fleet services available which can help in this department.

Fleet service providers can ensure that vehicle procurement and disposal is as streamlined and cost effective as possible, by not only advising clients on the changeover schedule for vehicles but also by creating a competitive tendering environment.

In this manner, fleet services can obtain the most financially beneficial offers available, whilst also identifying the Whole of Life cost of each individual vehicle model.