Australians look towards alternative fuels

It seems that more and more Australian consumers are considering turning to alternative fuels in order to combat rising petrol prices across the country.

New research from Roy Morgan has found that 48.1 per cent of Australians would now seriously consider buying a diesel vehicle, making this the most popular form of alternative fuel.

However also of note is the fact that an impressive 45.6 per cent of motorists now say that they would be open to the idea of purchasing an environmentally-friendly hybrid car.

Meanwhile electric or plug-in green cars have also registered as a consideration for 23.3 per cent of Australians.

Roy Morgan Research industry communications director Norman Morris says that the continued prevalence of diesel vehicles over fuel efficient green cars is unsurprising considering that there are so many diesel-powered options available.

"In 2012, almost 30 per cent of the 1.1 million new vehicles sold were powered by diesel engines. This proportion has risen over the last few years, with much of the growth attributable to the increasingly popular SUV market," explained Mr Morris in a statement released April 9.

"Comparatively, total Hybrid sales accounted for just over one per cent of all new vehicle sales, with marginal year-on-year gains coming from passenger vehicle segments."

For fleet managers looking to bring down overall fossil fuel consumption and reduce expenses in their fleet, investing in alternative-fuel vehicles can be a great option.

Another good idea is to look into fleet management software, which can provide your organisation with comprehensive reporting modules regarding fuel consumption of each vehicle and driver in your company.

This way, it is possible to identify where any shortfalls in efficiency may be occurring and where action might need to be taken in order to minimise fleet expenses.