Australians shy away from purchasing locally made vehicles

The latest findings published by Roy Morgan Research - the country's largest independent research company - reveal that car buyers Down Under are less inclined to purchase Australian-made vehicles in the present day than a decade ago.

It seems the Holden Commodore is the homemade model of choice for those who wish to buy a locally made car, with 4 per cent of all "new car intenders" stating this was at the "top of their to-buy list".

This was followed by the Holden Cruze, which secured 2.4 per cent of the new car intenders' votes. This is the first time the Cruze has managed to knock the Toyota Camry/Vienta out of the second-place spot into third with 2.1 per cent of the vote.

Roy Morgan Research shows that, back in 2003, around 1 in 4 new car intenders were keen to purchase an Australian-made vehicle. By 2013, this had plummeted to around 1 in 8. 

However, Jordan Pakes, Group Account Director (Automotive) at Roy Morgan Research, says this move away from home-grown cars is more to do with a change in vehicle-buying preferences than anything else. 

He explains "the small car market in Australia [is] now clearly the dominant segment, with 1 in 4 new car buyers considering a model from this class".

This is largely due to people's worries about car fuel consumption as petrol prices continue to soar, as well as their desire to reduce the size of their carbon footprint.

Those operating government fleets, of course, have little choice when it comes to deciding between vehicles made on or offshore. According to the Department of Finance, all cars procured for government fleets must - in addition to having a five-star ANCAP safety rating - be manufactured Down Under.

A fleet manager in the private sector will have more options - and fleet management software that offers procurement and disposal management services is the perfect way to access them!