Australia's largest transport project confirmed

Transport infrastructure in Western Sydney is set to receive a massive boost after it was confirmed that the $11.5 billion WestConnex motorway project will go ahead.

The NSW government announced in a September 19 media release that the massive project is the largest of its kind in Australia, and will benefit both the NSW economy and motorists in Western Sydney.

NSW Premier and Minister for Western Sydney Barry O'Farrell outlined exactly what the completed project would mean for motorists in the state.

"WestConnex is a game-changer for Sydney - it will save motorists time by making travel between Sydney’s west and the east easier," he said.

"WestConnex will help motorists avoid up to 52 sets of traffic lights, creating a saving of 40 minutes on a trip from Parramatta to Sydney Airport and halving the travel time from Parramatta to the CBD to 25 minutes."

In addition, Mr O'Farrell said that WestConnex will remove up to 3,000 trucks every day from Parramatta Road and divert them to underground tunnels instead, freeing the roads up for use by the local community.

The project will also add 10 kilometres of bus lanes on Parramatta Road, which will cut down travel times from the inner-west to the city by almost half.

Looking forward to the long term, the NSW government also stated that the improvement in travel and transport around the city would increase productivity and boost Sydney's economy.

Every fleet manager in Sydney and around NSW will likely welcome the news of the WestConnex developments, as it promises to make travel around the region easier than ever before.

Investing in software for fleet management can make the job even simpler, with functionalities such as toll management making sure your fleet is covered wherever it may be.