Autonomous truck sets a worldwide precedent in Nevada

Autonomous vehicles are on the minds of many consumers around world, as dreams of being ferried through traffic jams by their own personal robotic chauffeur edge closer to reality

Of course, this will also impact on various industries around the world, with the transport sector in particular set for a revolution once this technology takes flight. Fleet management software will also have to adapt to a whole new type of driver once these vehicles hit Australian shores. 

Autonomous vehicles here for the long haul - literally 

Self-driving cars are one thing, but a company in the US has decided that this is not quite enough. Freightliner's new autonomous truck - dubbed 'Inspiration' - is ready to hit the roads in the state of Nevada, as an unwitting pioneer in the drive to integrate these vehicles into regular traffic. 

This is much more than a mere experiment as well, with the Inspiration officially licensed as a commercial truck in the state, the first of its kind anywhere in the world. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval took pride in the opportunity for the state to make history. 

"The application of this innovative technology to one of America's most important industries will have a lasting impact on our state and help shape the new Nevada economy," said Mr Sandoval.

"The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has been closely monitoring the advancements being made in autonomous vehicle development and reviewed [Daimler Trucks North America's] safety, testing and training plans before granting permission for this demonstration of the Freightliner Inspiration Truck."

Testing should reveal a number of benefits that autonomous vehicles can provide, not just to the transport industry, but to private motorists as well. Most drivers' main bugbears look to be settled if the technology takes off, with promises of lower fuel consumption, less accidents and reduced congestion likely to take shape.