Average cost of running a fleet vehicle increases

It isn't surprising with the upward spiral of petrol prices among other factors that the average cost of running a fleet vehicle in Australia has increased.

According to research from Bingle Insurance's Cost of Motoring Index, between 2012 and 2014, the cost of keeping a vehicle on the road has increased to more than $110 per week from $5,379 to $5,736 per year.

The index takes into account all aspects of owning and operating a vehicle, including registration in different states, insurance and parking. It also compared the average running costs across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland to see whether there were any major differences.

There was not much variance between NSW and Victoria, but Queensland's fleets were spending, on average, $449 per annum per vehicle more than fleets in other states. This was blamed on the higher fuel price and servicing costs up north, but was offset by cheaper parking, insurance, tolls and registration.

Bingle spokeswoman Marcela Balart said the survey of 1100 motorists illustrated that fleets and consumers are actively looking to reduce their running costs.

"In the past 12 months motorists have cut back on servicing and maintenance costs, shopped around for cheaper registration and insurance and even behaved better on the roads avoiding fines," she said.

"Cost pressures for Australian motorists are coming from all sides, and while some things, such as petrol prices, are out of our control, there are some things you can do to take charge and reduce your cost of motoring."

One way to significantly lower your fleet's running costs is to install fleet software. As well as monitoring individual vehicle's fuel consumption, the fleet management software enables fleet vehicles to be serviced on a timely basis and at a lower cost than regular maintenance teams.