Avoid miscommunication in your vehicle fleet with an intelligent pool booking system

One of the most important aspects of ongoing business success is internal communication. After all, if the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing it is always going to be difficult to make much headway against the competition.

This is particularly true when it comes to managing a fleet of company vehicles, as miscommunication in this area can often lead to delays and unnecessary expenses arising.

Any fleet manager looking to ensure their vehicles are being managed to maximum efficiency, and aiming to avoid frustrating and costly communication problems, should consider investing in a fleet management program which can offer an intelligent pool booking system.

By centralising the management of your vehicle fleet with a pool booking system, you can ensure a thorough record is kept of the activities of all your employees and fleet vehicles.

Because vehicles can be booked online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, drivers are constantly able to ensure that they have the vehicle they need at the time that they need it. 

The result is that no employees are left off the road due to double bookings or confusion regarding vehicle availability, improving the overall efficiency of your fleet.

Furthermore, fleet software that offers a pool booking solution can allow you to set priority settings for certain vehicles, thereby ensuring that the most fuel efficient and cost-effective cars are being used more often than other vehicles.

Whenever you are dealing with this level of confidential information, it is important to have the necessary safeguards in place required to ensure that certain data is limited to only authorised employees.

That is why the best pool booking solutions offer varied access levels, allowing only authorised users to view the information that is relevant to them, while keeping other non-essential data off limits.

To improve the efficiency of your fleet in 2013 and ensure that communication problems are a thing of the past, it is well worth considering the advantages that a pool booking system could offer your organisation.