The benefits of alternative fuel for your fleet

There are many benefits of investing in vehicles that run on alternative fuels, a number of which could be particularly advantageous for any fleet manager across the globe.

One company planning to harness the perks of alternative fuel is the international logistics company and delivery service UPS. UPS has recently acquired 1,000 propane fuelled trucks to run deliveries in the American states of Louisiana and Oklahoma.

The company also announced plans to invest in the infrastructure needed to efficiently run an alternative fuel fleet by installing 50 fuelling stations at their branches.

Overall, the company's commitment to alternative fuel consumption is valued at around $70 million. However, UPS is expected to earn a significant return on their investment through emission reductions and other cost benefits.

UPS already operates a large fleet of green cars, including more than 3,000 alternative fuel vehicles - such as electric, hybrid, liquefied natural gas and ethanol-run cars. The company's existing 900-strong propane fuelled fleet currently operates only in Canada.

According to a March 7 report from leading business publication Forbes, UPS has investing in alternative fuelled vehicles in an effort to increase its competitive advantage and profits for shareholders.

The direct impact of adding propane fuelled cars will be a reduction in fleet fuel costs, as propane costs approximately US$1.50 per gallon less than diesel or gasoline. This means UPS could experience a massive $5.25 million decrease in fuel expenses when its propane fleet is operational.

Another major advantage of switching to an alternative fuel vehicle is the lowered impact on the environment due to decreased emissions. Propane has a significantly low carbon content compared with traditional fuels, which means it produces fewer harmful emissions.

Any company that invests in alternative fuel for its fleet can also experience the benefit of an improved reputation within the wider community. Decreased emissions and environmentally awareness is likely to create a positive attitude towards the company in question.