Benefits of fleet software offering roadside assistance

With drivers on the roads around cities and across the country on a daily basis, it is important that a fleet manager has sufficient processes in place to ensure their safety.

Despite not being present in the vehicle, a fleet manager can make certain in any circumstances, there is help available for the driver through roadside assistance installed as part of fleet management software.

There are a number of benefits to the roadside assistance service, which include:

Recording incidents

It doesn't matter whether the crash occurs 5km or 500km from base, it will be recorded. All incidents are recorded by both car and driver and include what happened and at what time.

For liability and insurance claims, it is important all these critical details are recorded and relayed to the fleet manager. Providing a accurate location is also helped for roadside assistance personnel so they can get to the scene and assess damage.

Simple breakdowns

When vehicles are on the road most of the day there is the high possibility that a breakdown will occur. An overheated engine or a flat tyre are simple problems, but can escalate if the issue lingers for hours on end.

With roadside assistance on standby, teams can get out to the driver and ensure schedules are met and the vehicle is safe to drive. If the job involves more complex mechanical issues, then the roadside truck - filled with additional parts - will come in handy to get the vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

The fleet software will also record and authorise any additional work that needs to be completed after roadside assistance's initial inspection.

Reduce costs

The fees for independent roadside help can be enormous, particularly to smaller fleets and those concerned with their bottom line.

All costs for assistance sourced through fleet software are included in a monthly maintenance invoice and report which means there is no payment required on the day of the incident or crash. Over the long haul, fleet software is an efficient way for businesses to keep drivers safe as well as keeping costs down.