Benefits of an online pool vehicle booking system

For fleet managers operating a large business, the task of managing and monitoring where all the vehicles are is a complex and time-consuming task. Fortunately, the scribbled booking notepad and excessive odometers can be eliminated by installing fleet management software.

The benefits are wide-ranging and allow business leaders to concentrate on running their firms rather than worrying about who is taking what vehicle where.

Centralised booking

Through streamlining the booking system online, fleet usage can be closely monitored. This means it will be easier to see what vehicles are available for use and if there are any irregularities.

The online platform allows certain employees and business executives the opportunity to book outside regular office hours as well.

Monitoring usage

You could come across a situation where certain vehicles are being used more often. Whether through a coincidence or employee personal preference, identifying these trends will allow you to target certain vehicles for limited use. This will reduce fuel consumption on older cars and allow you to maximise the usage of the other vehicles.

Fleet managers can use a number of categories to view vehicle booking which can include by driver, site or time period.

The software can allow certain vehicles to be available under a priority setting. This means as a fleet manager, you can dictate that vehicles with low kilometres or high fuel efficiency be used before vehicles that are costlier to run.

Employee access

There are four levels of access to secure system that provides business executives the opportunity to decide who can authorise bookings. 

They range from a customer service administrator with full information access to a single pool car user that can only view certain cars and booking statuses.


The software can also give daily, weekly and monthly audits around the vehicle booking system. This means fleet managers can get a complete trail of all bookings and stay on top of their figures.