Benefits of outsourcing vehicle tendering

The goal for any fleet manager is to ensure that all the vehicles are operating at their peak. While it is important to identify the fleet cars that are not shaping up, the process you take after that will show how strong your management is.

If vehicles are let go too soon or brought in during slow periods, then the business is going to lose money. For optimum procurement and disposal management, it is recommended to invest in a fleet management program to ensure the long term success of vehicle turnover.

Here are two benefits to outsourcing your fleet system:

1) Controlled turnover

Ensuring the needs of the business are always met, the online database of your fleet is used during the acquisition and disposal process. As both of these can happen at the same time, the fleet is able to continue operating at full capacity.

Details of the disposed car and any required vehicles are sent to a range of dealers to summit their best offer. This makes sure you aren't left out of pocket during the process.

It is your choice what dealerships get access to your tenders and fleet managers can sort this online.

2) Trust and care

When working alongside a fleet software provider, it is important that you can trust their judgement regarding what is best for your business. As procurement and disposing vehicles is another job for busy fleet managers, as soon as you make your decision, the provider can handle the rest.

The provider has an intimate knowledge of what your business does every day and what requirements need to be addressed. As well as a safe vehicle for your drivers, it will be the size and shape to handle your demands.

An added benefit is that your provider can calculate projected kilometres and disposal dates through its Whole of Life cost. This means fleet costs can be reduced and managed over time.