BMW announces its first electric car

Luxury carmaker BMW has taken a huge step in enhancing its sustainability profile, launching its first ever electric car.

Due to be released in a matter of months, the BMW i3 is set to be a massive player in the growing electric car market.

An extendable driving range, fast charging times and low running costs all add up to an irresistible package that any fleet manager should consider if they want to inject a bit of class into their fleet.

The immense public interest is undeniable - more than 90,000 test drives have already been requested, according to a Monday (July 29) media release.

Norbert Reithofer, chairman of the board of management at BMW AG, is confident that the i3 will revolutionise the EV sector.

"Innovation drives change. The i3 is more than just a car. It's a revolutionary step towards sustainable mobility," he announced.

"It is purpose-built around an electric power train to serve the needs of our megacity customers."

An eco-friendly mindset is ingrained into every nut and bolt of the i3, as every step of production is geared towards a sustainable future.

For example, it is produced at the Leipzig assembly part in Germany, which is powered by wind-generated electricity.

Additionally, 25 per cent of the plastic used in the interior is made of recycled materials, according to Forbes.

Sustainable driving considerations, such as lowering fuel consumption, should be on every fleet manager's agenda these days.

Smartfleet's fleet management software offers an environmental rating report, so you can make sure your fleet is also helping Australia move towards a greener future.

The i3 is set to be released in Europe in November this year. The launch date for the American, Chinese and various other markets is set for the first half of 2014.