Boosting your bottom line - how to minimise fuel consumption

Remember a time when you didn't have to cringe every time you drove past the gas station?

These days it's an unfortunate fact of life that petrol prices seem to constantly be on the up, and often the best way to combat this effect is by improving the fuel efficiency of your company vehicles.

One way to do this is through regular car maintenance. A well-oiled and tuned up vehicle will consume much less fuel than one that is not running efficiently, so it is worth the investment to have your company cars regularly looked over by a trained mechanic.

Fleet management services which provide vehicle maintenance can assist in this department by ensuring you keep to a servicing schedule and also providing discounts on labour parts and tyres.

Furthermore, fleet services can reduce the amount of paperwork you need to deal with by consolidating all necessary bills and receipts into one monthly invoice.

That means you'll be cutting down on fuel consumption, doing your bit to help the environment and improving your own productivity as well.

Fleet management software which can provide fuel management reports is another good way of making sure your vehicles are running efficiently.

These reports are a great way of determining the potential value of switching to an alternative fuel or changing vehicle configurations, as well as assessing driver behaviour.