Budget provides for NSW's roads

The National Roads and Motorists' Association (NRMA) has welcomed the NSW budget, which was released on Tuesday (June 18). The budget has granted a further $330 million to continue much-needed construction on NSW's roads.

In particular, the budget heralds the commencement of the WestConnex Motorway, which should get underway shortly.

A plan for the WestConnex project was revealed and $111 million allocated to its construction this year. Wendy Machin, NRMA president, has stated that the WestConnex has the potential to "change the way Sydney moves". She believes the project will benefit road users - and, of course, fleet managers - for generations to come.

A total of $4.9 billion will be spent on NSW's roads, thanks to funding from both the federal and local governments.

In addition to the WestConnex, a further $367 million has been given to upgrade the Pacific Highway and $159 million will see construction projects able to take place on the Princes Highway.

Every fleet manager should be pleased with this turn of events, and more willing to let those driving in their fleet's vehicles loose on NSW's roads.

Apparently fines, tolls, registration and weight tax have increased by 5.8 per cent, or $200 million. This means that those with fleets and other motorists are contributing $3.1 billion to help fund NSW's roads.

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