Busy Melbourne level crossing removed

Fleet managers in Melbourne will be pleased with the announcement from the Victorian government this week of the removal of the Springvale level crossing and opening of a new Premium station in the city's south-east.

It is estimated that over 25,000 vehicles use Springvale Road and thousands of people get on the trains at Springvale station each day.

The announcement from by both Premier Denis Napthine and Minister for Roads and Public Transport Terry Mulder said the project cost $159 million to remove the crossing and create a safer flow of traffic.

"This is another landmark moment in the Victorian Coalition Government's program to reduce traffic congestion and improve public and pedestrian safety across Melbourne," Dr Napthine said.

"In addition to relieving congestion, improved safety is another important outcome that has been delivered through this project, with vehicles and pedestrians no longer forced to interact with the train lines at this location," he said.

There will be other benefits to fleet services as bus, taxi and parking facilities are to be improved as well.

Previously, Dr Napthine said the boom gates at the level crossing were down 42 per cent of the time. This caused traffic delays and led to cars increasing their fuel consumption by sitting idle.

Resurfacing of Springvale Road and other nearby roads is set to be completed in the coming months, Mr Mulder concluded.

Level crossings remain dangerous places for vehicles with statistics from Transport Safety Victoria stating there have been at least 78 collisions with trains in the state since 2008.

At the moment, the Coalition Government is in the process of removing a large amount of level crossings, creating further distance between roads and train tracks.

"The Coalition Government is committed to investing in the transport infrastructure needs of the community, now and into the future, and today we see that commitment in action," Dr Napthine said.