Can car pool booking help in my fleet?

Fleet managers all over Australia are looking for ways to cut the amount of time their drivers spend on the road. Not only does high mileage cost in terms of fuel, maintenance and potential repair costs, it does nothing to help the environment. 

Pool booking is a way to have less of an environmental impact, while dramatically reducing mileage and all associated costs.

What is pool booking?

Organising your fleet can take two forms: Drivers are either dedicated to a vehicle or a group of cars are assigned for company-wide usage. There are distinct benefits of pool vehicle usage, including the ability to reduce fleet size and - in turn - mileage.

However, there are issues that need to be managed, too. If there is no overview of who is using which car and an absence of a booking system that schedules usage, there is the risk of leaving workers with no transportation, meaning they will miss important meetings, jobs, deliveries or site visits.

How does fleet management software help?

Managing pool booking can be a full-time job on its own, which is why fleet management programs exist to streamline the process and make scheduling much more efficient.

Smartfleet's services include a four-tier level of access, so responsibility for booking does not fall on one person, though there is still a high level of administrative control.

  • Tier one: Pool car user -  Basic access to the system, with the ability to book and view their own schedule.
  • Tier two: Pool car authorising officer - Limited access with the ability to authorise pool bookings to drivers.
  • Tier three: Pool car manager - Advanced system access, including the ability to manage some of the functions that go into booking pool vehicles.
  • Tier four: Customer service administrator - Full user functionality; the ability to create and add others onto the system and maintain complete visibility over drivers, schedules and users.

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