Can fleet management learn from Latin America?

One of the benefits of globalisation is the ability to learn from other nations. Even ones as far away and as different in culture as Latin America have things to teach us.

Fleet services on the continent are evolving rapidly, as a hot social-economical climate opens up. This is according to recent analysis by ABI Research, which provided insight into fleet management across the Pacific Ocean.

While the region has been historically preoccupied with ensuring the security of their fleets to consider the cost-saving services on offer, many in the region are moving away from this trend.

ABI Research discovered that with around 27 million commercial vehicles operating in the area, and with some of the highest crime rates in the world, businesses have been favouring security measurements, such as stolen vehicle recovery.

However, many of these companies are now seeing the value of other services, such as managing driver performance, route optimisation and fleet maintenance.

Filomena Berardi, senior analyst at ABI Research, said that by combining these fleet management programs, businesses in the area are likely to start seeing a healthier return on investment (ROI).

"ABI Research forecasts that opportunities lie with a mixture of security and other value-added services," she explained.

"For a long time fleet managers in Latin America have been more concerned by security rather than looking at ways to make their fleet operations more efficient; however, with increasing fuel prices and other pressures to be efficient finally they are beginning to realise the ROI of telematics beyond security."

While the region has some way to go in reaching the standards of its trans-Pacific neighbours, Australian businesses are in a better position to realise the same benefits today.

With security a less-pressing matter, and cost-optimisation easier to achieve, fleet services in Australia can set the standard for others to follow.