Can GPS technology make your fleet safer?

GPS technology is making the lives of drivers much easier all around the world, allowing them to instantly map out the quickest route for their journey.

However, a study has found that a lesser-known feature of these devices can have an even more significant benefit - reducing speeding and making the roads safer.

The study, conducted by VicRoads and validated by the Monash University Accident Research Centre, assessed whether Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) devices can help in altering the behaviour of drivers with a history of speeding.

ISA devices issue an audible warning to the driver if they exceed the speed limit.

"The most promising results were returned by those drivers using a speed alert (ISA) device with an audible alert or beep when the vehicle exceeded the speed limit," Minister for Roads Terry Mulder said in a November 27 statement.

He explained that drivers with an ISA device fitted in their vehicle spent 40 per cent less time speeding than those who didn't have a device.

"This is an important piece of research which demonstrates how technology can be used to reduce the accidents, injuries and deaths caused by speeding."

He therefore urged anyone buying a GPS system to check whether it had a speed alert feature installed.

As a fleet manager, one of your highest priorities is maintaining the safety of both your own staff and others on the road.

If one of your employees is particularly prone to speeding, investing in such warning devices could prove effective in changing their behaviour on the road.

It is also worthwhile remembering that reducing driving speed is beneficial for your fleet in other areas too - for example, sticking to the speed limit has been proven to be a great way to cut down fuel consumption.