Cars of the future to depend on data

Data is no longer just the concern of IT departments, as it is beginning to have more and more real-world implications every day. While telematics software provides fleet managers with a range of information, the future could add extra layers as cars and drivers interact with their environments. 

Automotive manufacturers are working on cars that can learn.

The days of analogue motoring are quickly fading, with infotainment systems and other technological advancements now standard in new vehicles. However, these features are just precursors to the next great evolution: cars that can learn. 

While it sounds like an idea for a b-grade Sci-Fi film, it's actually a growing trend that is likely to offer significant benefits to businesses that can accurately gather and manage data. 

How will cars learn?

KPMG investigated how these trends are impacting the automotive industry, finding that demand for smarter cars is likely to be a key source of innovation for the world's vehicle manufacturers. 

According to the consultancy, while the majority of executives in the automotive world are aware that data is increasing in value, few are prepared to act on its influence. Global Chair of Automotive Dieter Becker believes these changes could strengthen the bonds between automotive manufacturers and their customers. 

"All in all, the future undoubtedly requires a shift in the mindset of today's automakers," he explained.

"If this shift takes place, I have no doubt that the automakers of the future will not only provide excellent products and technologies, but also act as the ideal companion for their customers throughout the entire lifecycle."

Cars are about to become much more advanced. Cars are about to become much more advanced.

Just another gadget

Ford cemented the digitalisation of modern vehicles with the announcement that a range of its new cars sports a feature that allows them to be controlled by smartphones.

To some, it may sound like a gimmick, but Ford has ensured that the added functionality provides genuine uses for people who spring for this option. Drivers will be able to check the status of their batteries, fuel and oil from their smartphones, which could help companies reduce fleet maintenance costs. 

Drivers can also lock and unlock their cars, perfect for allowing people to double check their vehicles are secure. It's also possible to remotely start a vehicle, and even schedule this for a set time. It's like setting an alarm, but for your car. 

Audi has also launched an app with similarly useful features. With the German marque's program, drivers can track where they left their cars. For people that often forget where they've parked, this app could be a significant time-saver.