Cars going back to nature for inspiration

A leading car manufacturer is turning to the animal world for guidance in their next innovative developments.

Nissan is drawing inspiration from the behaviours of fish and bees as they aim to minimise the number of injuries and deaths on the roads.

The research and development team at the Japanese firm have been studying how these animals travel efficiently and safely in groups, and are looking to incorporate similar systems in their latest cars.

Toru Futami, engineering director of advanced technology and research, offered an insight into how the company aimed to implement these behaviours in its technology.

"A school of fish doesn't have lines to help guide the fishes, but they manage to swim extremely close to each other," he explain in an August 25 media release.

"So if cars can perform the same type of thing with a group and move accordingly, we should be able to have more cars operate with the same width roads. This would lead to more cars, but with less traffic congestion."

He went on to explain that this could eventually rule out the need for lanes on roads, as cars would essentially communicate with each other - just like schools of fish.

Nissan's research team is also developing Laser Range Finder (LRF) technology to complement the system by providing an all-round view of the car's surroundings.

This technology is based on the compound eyes of a bee, which allow the insect a comprehensive 300-degree view.

If you are a fleet manager who is interested in the latest safety developments for your fleet, you may be seeing this technology rolled out in real life in the future.

For the time being, you can efficiently maintain the upkeep of your fleet's safety by investing in software for fleet management, which provides timely maintenance updates and reminders to help keep your vehicles roadworthy.