Changes to licences and pink slips for NSW fleet drivers

Extensions to NSW driver licences and pink slips will make administration work for fleet managers much easier in coming years.

The changes were announced last week by Roads Minister Duncan Gay, who said 10-year driver licences and the extended validity of safety inspection reports are a positive move for the state.

"It's all about removing red tape to save people time and money," he said.

At present, NSW drivers can hold their drivers licence for up to five years before renewal. Minister Gay explained how the new system will work.

"By the first quarter of next year, we'll also be providing customers between the ages of 21 and 44, with the option of a 10-year driver licence," he said

"Motorists with a great driving record won't have to make as many trips to a Roads and Maritime Services registry or Services NSW centre to get their licences renewed."

The pink slip system is also up for some changes. From the end of 2014, light vehicle safety inspection reports or pink slips will be valid for six months rather than the current six weeks. All vehicles over five years old currently require a pink slip to renew their registration and Minister Gay said this is good news for the more than 3 million vehicle owners across NSW.

"This will give vehicle owners more flexibility to choose a convenient time for their annual vehicle safety inspection - they could even get it done when they get their regular service," he said.

These upcoming changes are part of a wider initiative from the NSW government to reduce paperwork and administration for drivers. This includes removing registration labels on light vehicles and the development of the NSW Rego App.

These changes should further assist businesses with fleet management software that can already track their vehicle registration status and make sure their fleet isn't hit with any unnecessary charges.