Competitive fuel prices makes Port Augusta a fuel haven for motorists

It's a common thought on the mind of a fleet manager in the modern day, when confidence in fuel prices seem as volatile as the substance itself: How can I trim back the costs of running my company vehicles?

Two ways seem prevalent: investing in lower emission green cars or buying cheaper fuel - ideally both. The first option may be a long-term one that can't be furthered immediately; the second can perhaps be done more simply and sooner than you think, especially for those operating in South Australia, as a recent report by the Royal Automobile Association shows.

For the fourth consecutive month, the RAA has found Port Augusta to be the most fairly priced SA location for fuel. The southern harbour city was ranked first by some margin in the July report, achieving a regional fuel star rating of 4.2.

Its nearest-value competitor, Renmark, scored a 3.4 while third-placed Loxton recorded a 3.1.

RAA Senior Analyst Chris West said Port Augusta is now a benchmark for other regions to be more competitive.

"These prices have given Port Augusta a reputation as a refuelling hub for motorists travelling north along the Augusta Highway and they should be congratulated for that," said Mr West.

"In the past four weeks," he continued, "wholesale petrol prices have dropped 10 cents per litre. Despite generally positive results across the State in July, RAA is now calling on regional fuel retailers to pass on the latest wholesale price drop."

The city's location has proved it to be a valuable asset to those spanning greater distances in their journey. Its situation 300 kilometres north of Adelaide makes it an ideal refuelling spot for any haulage company or general business travelling west or taking the 1,200 kilometres journey north up to Alice Springs.

This news can help fleet managers plan their drivers' fuel stops in SA, or alternatively, they can use Smartfleet's intuitive fuel management service to analyse and optimise a fleet's fuel usage.